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Who Are D-RISK?

  • provides a specialised consulting service to financial services organisations in the area of programme and project management, operational risk, compliance and the underlying systems.
  • has worked with all types of organisations including handling key projects for top 100 companies and regulators.
  • is a Sydney based company with 25 years of continual service within the financial services industry as business process and IT integration specilaists.

Our core offering of working with companies to streamline their administration processes and either assisting with the redesign of the existing systems or supplying bespoke systems has not changed.

Over the years our expertise has expanded and now includes the establishment of AFSL/RSE, operational risk and compliance frameworks, AML/CTF programs for all business types.  with our expertise we can ensure that the link between regulation, policy and subsequent control environments are embedded and robust.

If you are an offshore financial services company looking to come into Australia, we can assist you in the Australian financial services regime whether you are a life office, private bank, investment company, we can assist you.  If you are an Australian company looking to move into Singapore or Hong Kong we can assist you.

Whether you are and ADI, RE or dealer, if you are currently exeriencing issues maintaining your risk and/or compliance framework, had a visit from a regulator or are about to agree to an Enforceable Undertaking, ring us for a quick chat.  We can help.

Our first meeting is always free.


Our Team
Neal Hornsby, MBA

Neal Hornsby, MBA


30 years Financial Services industry in senior management and as a consultant. Areas include: funds management, life insurance, IT, project management, risk and compliance and business process re-engineering.

Neal specialises in establishing robust governance frameworks in financial services companies.

Paul Shoebridge, CA

Paul Shoebridge, CA


A fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia with General and Life Insurance Industry expertise. 25 Year broad industry experience includes financial and management accounting, systems accounting and GL implementation, auditing, IT, project management, and business process re-engineering.

Robert Searles, Bsc(IT)

Robert Searles, Bsc(IT)


20 years Financial Services industry in IT management and development. Areas include: funds management, life insurance, IT, project management, and business process re-engineering.
Martin Ashe, Bsc

Martin Ashe, Bsc


35 years Financial Services industry in senior management and as a consultant. Areas include: funds management, project management, BASEL III risk management and business strategy.

Martin specialises in funds management and risk management within the banking industry.

Ken Cameron, BSc

Ken Cameron, BSc


25 years experience in project management and as a business analyst, within the financial services industry.
How We Can Help You
D-Risk differentiates itself from its peers by concentrating on how your organisation works and will, as much as possible, integrate your organisations culture and processes and controls. Where this is can be improved we will assist the organisation in redesigning its processes and controls and integrate them into a new bespoke controls and reporting environment.

D-Risk accomplishes this through a combination of staff consultation and expertise in the environment in which you work, an analysis of your end to end processes, and if necessary recommendations of an appropriate platform/software based solution.

If required D-Risk can also provide project management and change management expertise in order to fully implement the solution within your organisations culture using combinations of formal and informal project management techniques.

D-Risk contractors have never failed to deliver a project where D-Risk or a D-Risk consultant has had the primary responsibility for delivery, or been engaged to assist in the delivery of a project, including previously failed projects. For example, D-Risk ran the first Banking Crisis Exercise in Australia for the Council of Financial Regulators with Neal Hornsby as Project Leader.

Our thought leadership in risk management and compliance consulting along with software solutions has seen us work with some the largest financial institutions in Australia as well as companies in Asia.

We work with our clients developing trust at the business and management level to deliver real compliance value.

If required we are happy to assume the regulatory liaison and negotiate with the regulators as well as assisting in the design the scope and project management of regulator requirements or negotiate and manage an enforceable undertaking if required.

Our approach is to work alongside your organisation and its people, and in consultation with the stakeholders, deliver optimum process innovation on time, while managing the risks associated with the project.

Add to this the ability to draw on legal expertise to ensure that responses to business and other pressures fit compliance and accountability imperatives and you have the product mix that makes D-Risk a trusted resource to our many longstanding clients.